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What is Operations Research?

Operations Research (OR) is a discipline that involves the development and application of advanced analytical methods to aid in making complex decisions. OR provides the means for making the most effective decisions about systems design and operation. The strength and versatility of OR stems from its diagnostic power through observation and modeling, as well as from its prescriptive power through analysis and synthesis.

The Operations Research Graduate Program at North Carolina State University is an interdisciplinary graduate program offering both Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

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Preparing for a Career in Military Operations Research?

Learn more about Military Operations Research at NC State

  • The Military Operations Research Group at NC State includes US active duty and military veterans from all Services and our allies.
  • Students work on a variety of real-world problems. See our recent projects.
  • Develop skills in concentrations such as Logistics, Data Science, and Health Care Improvement.
  • We understand active duty student timelines and develop individual advising plan to support student success.
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