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A group of Ph.D. students in graduation regalia throwing their caps into the air.

Current Ph.D./MSOR Students

Last Updated: 05/04/2023 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

Our Ph.D. and MSOR students and our research are changing the world. Our graduate program produces students who excel in both industry and academia. They are innovators, thought leaders and educators.

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Student NameArea of InterestExpected GraduationOn the Job Market
Almelor, Glenn
Bastin, KorneliaData Science, ML and AISpring 2023Yes
Bates, Alex
Benhart, Jake
Bremser, Gregory
Burgstahler, BlakeData Sciences and LogisticsSpring 2025
Chmielewski, Hana
Chou, Yen-HsiMarkov Chain and Stochastic ProcessSpring 2025
Diaz, Veronica
Duraes De Faria, Victor AugustoPredictive and Prescriptive AnalyticsFall 2023Yes
Fukuzawa, MatBlockchain Smart ContractsSpring 2024
Gagne, MacEmergency and Incident ManagementSpring 2025Yes
Huang, Yining
Jones, Lee
Kwon, Daihyun
Li, KuangyingData Analysis and Supply ChainSummer 2025Yes
Lisy, CameronEnergy Systems and SustainabilitySpring 2025
Liu, ShengjieData ScienceSpring 2025
Mahuli, Nehal
Mora, Laura
Mudalgikar, Soham MilindQuantitative Finance and Data ScienceSpring 2024Yes
Myles, JabariInventory Management and PricingSpring 2024
Mulutzie, Sarah
Nelson, RussArmy Aviation AutomationSpring 2023
Paramita, Ni Luh Putu Satyaning PradnyaResearch Topic not Selected YetFall 2023
Pin, Juliana
Protogyrou, DemetraSupply Chain and LogisticsSummer 2022
Rosenstrom, ErikElectronic Health Data SystemsSpring 2024
Secola, Pierce
Sheng, Jiewen
Smith, Robert
Strack, Matthew
Su, Yuqi
Taylor, Lynesia
Tian, ZongxinResearch Topic not Selected YetFall 2027Yes
Tobey, MargaretData SciencesSpring 2023Yes
Wang, JiaxingSimulationTBD
Xue, TianchengResearch Topic not Selected YetSpring 2025
Zhang, GuoqingResearch Topic not Selected YetSummer 2027Yes
Zhang, YiweiHealth Systems, Simulation and OptimizationSummer 2023Yes