Blake Burgstahler

Data Sciences and Logistics

Blake Burgstahler is a Ph.D. student in Operations Research and a teaching assistant for the Mathematics Department. He got into Operations Research in his undergraduate OR course, seeing mathematics used in a tangible way to improve the quality and efficiency of a service provided to a client. He has worked with the United States Air Force as an AFRL Scholar on vehicle routing and scheduling problems and with Delta Air Lines as an optimization intern, building optimization tools for deployment across many projects.

In his free time, Blake enjoys traveling with his wife, making music (Oboe) and cooking.

Research Interests

Burgstahler is unsure what he’d like to pursue as his research topic, much less what he’ll do after graduation.


Expected GraduationSpring 2025
MSAMMaster of Science in Applied MathematicsUniversity of Washington2021
BSAPBachelor of Science in Applied PhysicsBethel University2020
BAMBachelor of Arts in MathematicsBethel University2020

Blake Burgstahler