Daniela Jones

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Daniela Jones is a research assistant professor in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at North Carolina State University and holds a Joint-faculty appointment with Idaho National Laboratory. At NC State, she is the Data Science Academy Director of Agricultural Analytics; Director of the Agricultural Data Science Certificate; Office of Research and Innovation Faculty Fellow; Graduate Faculty of the Operations Research Program; Faculty Fellow of the Center of Geospatial Analytics; Faculty Affiliate of the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center; and Faculty Affiliate of the Agricultural Biotechnology In Our Evolving Food, Energy, and Water Systems NSF Research Traineeship Program.

She interned at Idaho National Laboratory and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams at Oak Ridge National Laboratory through her work on biofuels and renewable energy. Before this role, she was a postdoctoral associate at Duke University, where she performed quantitative and qualitative research on student interventions and supported the programming of educational, career development workshops and community development events for underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students in the biosciences.

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Research Interests

Building on Jones’s operations research experience applied to the agricultural-based energy sector and her desire to promote environmentally friendly energy sources, she continues to develop mathematical models and solution algorithms to solve large-scale problems that arise in the areas of transportation, logistics, and renewable energy systems. She focuses on simulation and optimization of the entire supply chain (including, harvesting, pre-processing, storing, and delivering) for biomass as a feedstock for cost-effective production of fuels, products, and power.


Ph.D.Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and Agricultural EngineeringTexas A&M University2017
MSIEMaster of Science in Industrial EngineeringMississippi State University2012
BSIEBachelor of Science in Industrial EngineeringMississippi State University2009

Honors and Awards


Advancing sweetpotato quality assessment with hyperspectral imaging and explainable artificial intelligence
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Characterizing value-added pellets obtained from blends of miscanthus, corn stover, and switchgrass
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Manure nutrient cycling in US animal agriculture basins-North Carolina case study
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Nth-plant scenario for blended pellets of Miscanthus, Switchgrass, and Corn Stover using multi-modal transportation: Biorefineries and depots in the contiguous US
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Cultivating PhD Aspirations during College
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Data-Driven Decisions for Food and Energy
Jones, D. (2022, August). , . https://doi.org/10.52750/564142
Fostering Responsible Innovation through Stakeholder Engagement: Case Study of North Carolina Sweetpotato Stakeholders
Grieger, K., Zarate, S., Barnhill-Dilling, S. K., Hunt, S., Jones, D., & Kuzma, J. (2022), Sustainability, 14(4), 2274. https://doi.org/10.3390/su14042274
Nth-plant scenario for forest resources and short rotation woody crops: Biorefineries and depots in the contiguous US
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Nth-plant supply: corn stover supplies and costs in a fleet of biorefineries
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Replacing liquid fossil fuels and hydrocarbon chemical feedstocks with liquid biofuels from large-scale nuclear biorefineries
Forsberg, C. W., Dale, B. E., Jones, D. S., Hossain, T., Morais, A. R. C., & Wendt, L. M. (2021), APPLIED ENERGY, 298. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2021.117225

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Daniela Jones