Umut Dur


  • Phone: 919.513.2869
  • Office: 4108 Nelson Hall

Umut Dur is an associate professor in the Department of Economics at NC State University.

Research Interests

Dur’s research focuses on the areas of market design, school choice and matching theory.


Ph.D.Doctor of PhilosophyUniversity of Texas at Austin2013

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Fairness under affirmative action policies with overlapping reserves
Dur, U., & Zhang, Y. (2023), JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS, 109.
Strategy-proof size improvement: is it possible?
Afacan, M. O., & Dur, U. (2023, April 7), SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS.
Deduction Dilemmas: The Taiwan Assignment Mechanism
Dur, U., Pathak, P. A., Song, F., & Sonmez, T. (2022), AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL-MICROECONOMICS, 14(1), 164–185.
Family ties: School assignment with siblings
Dur, U., Morrill, T., & Phan, W. (2022), THEORETICAL ECONOMICS, 17(1), 89–120.
Responsiveness to priority-based affirmative action policy in school choice
Dur, U., & Xie, Y. (2022, July 29), JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY.
School Choice with Hybrid Schedules
Afacan, M. O., Dur, U., & Harris, W. (2021), GAMES, 12(2).
Sequential school choice: Theory and evidence from the field and lab
Dur, U., Hammond, R. G., & Kesten, O. (2021), JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, 198.
Constrained stability in two-sided matching markets
Afacan, M. O., & Dur, U. M. (2020), SOCIAL CHOICE AND WELFARE, 55(3), 477–494.
Explicit vs. statistical targeting in affirmative action: Theory and evidence from Chicago's exam schools
Dur, U., Pathak, P. A., & Sonmez, T. (2020), JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, 187.
School choice under partial fairness
Dur, U., Gitmez, A. A., & Yilmaz, O. (2019), THEORETICAL ECONOMICS, 14(4), 1309–1346.

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  • 2015-2016 FRPD - Dynamic Best Responding in School Choice
Umut Dur